The Key To Clumping -Ways To Efficiently Clump Curls

What is hair clumping?

Don’t you hate it when your curls are not defined and mane looks like a big ball of fizz? Hair clumping to the rescue then, girls! This simply involves defining your curls such that your hair strands form cling together to form big chunks of curls. Hair clumps make your hair appear tamed and also helps in defining curls efficiently.

Reasons why your hair may not naturally clump together –

• You brush your hair when it is super frizzy already and lacking in moisture.
How you comb or brush your hair can also affect the texture of your hair. If you try and separate your curls with it, curls are bound to lose their shape.

• When the conditioner or leave-in product is too light for your hair.
When hair is dry, it will pick up moisture from the environment, causing frizz. Try using well moisturizing products that provide hold such as African Pride Moisture Miracle Coconut Milk & Honey Leave-In Conditioner. Yes, coconut and honey both in a single product. No, you ain’t dreaming sistah!

How to go about getting the clumped look?

How to go about getting the clumped look

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1. The Damp Hair Game

Make sure you add your leave in cream or curl defining products to your hair when it is still damp. Wet hair sticks or clumps together naturally and you have more chances of achieving the perfect clump then.

2. Be Generous with Leave-in Products

Use leave-in products generously. You can also layer the products by using the LOC method for maximum moisture and hold. This will enable your hair to keep the clumps intact.

3. Squish and Condish

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Never separate your curls after you rinse off your conditioner in the shower. It is a common misconception that separating the curls for applying leave-in conditioner makes hair more moisturized. Apply both, conditioner and leave-in conditioner using the rake-in method to create clumps.

4. Max Hold 101

Finish off with strong hold gels and styling products such as the Elasta QP Glaze Maximum Hold Conditioning Shining Gel

Above all, a deep conditioning only does good for your hair. So indulge in a regular DC. Check out How To Deep Condition African Hair.

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