Lala Akindoju Tells Black Hair Hub The Real Reason She Went Natural

Courtesy: @lalaakindoju Going natural is a usually a pretty drastic decision and for a lot of folks, it can be quite torturous. A common complaint is how lengthy the transition can be andthe inevitable continuous maintenance; thespian and AMVCA Trailblazer Lala Akindoju was well aware of all this but she went ahead and did it anyway. Although she readily … Read more

Lala Akindoju: Up Close and Personal with Black Hair Hub

Courtesy: @lalaakindoju pictured with Lamide Akintobi BNS: Has fame changed you at all?Lala Akindoju: Naahh. I doubt it.  And I’m very conscious of not losing myself to fame.  Even though fame comes with paying more attention to certain things. BNS: Things like?Lala Akindoju: Things like being camera ready, getting the right angles on the red carpet, especially with clothes. I … Read more