Lala Akindoju Tells Black Hair Hub The Real Reason She Went Natural

Courtesy: @lalaakindoju Going natural is a usually a pretty drastic decision and for a lot of folks, it can be quite torturous. A common complaint is how lengthy the transition can be andthe inevitable continuous maintenance; thespian and AMVCA Trailblazer Lala Akindoju was well aware of all this but she went ahead and did it anyway. Although she readily … Read more

Lala Akindoju: Up Close and Personal with Black Hair Hub

Courtesy: @lalaakindoju pictured with Lamide Akintobi BNS: Has fame changed you at all?Lala Akindoju: Naahh. I doubt it.  And I’m very conscious of not losing myself to fame.  Even though fame comes with paying more attention to certain things. BNS: Things like?Lala Akindoju: Things like being camera ready, getting the right angles on the red carpet, especially with clothes. I … Read more

Celebrate Hair with The Go Africa Harlem Street Festival

Let’s celebrate Africa! Well if you listened close, ‘We are one’, was the chant throughout the Go Africa Harlem Street Festival 2018 held in New York. The fest was all about African pride, heritage and culture. While everyone got going gaga over the tasteful music, delish food and quaint little kiosks, we were going INSANE … Read more