Styles To Copy From Issa Rae of the Show ”Insecure”

Issa Rae oozes black girl magic. She is the ball of energy that has charmed her way into our TV screens and into our hearts. Issa is the creator and star of the comedy-drama ‘’Insecure’’ which chronicles the awkward experiences of a contemporary African-American woman. The whole point of the show is to depict African-Americans as a relatable people and to dispel stereotypes. This can be seen in Issa’s hair. In the spirit of relatability, the hairstylist keeps her hair as natural as possible, most of the time devoid of hair extensions. Felicia Leatherwood, who is also a hairstylist to a host of other celebrities, is behind her hairstyles. The beauty about Issa’s hair do’s is that you can do most of them at home on yourself. Let’s dive into Issa Rae’s hairstyles that we loved from the show and on the red carpet:

1. Zigzag Part

issa rae zigzag hairstyle

The one thing you notice first is the colour of her locs, which is somewhere between soft brown and auburn. In this style, she wore a zig-zag part with flat twists down both sides. Very simple and very doable. I’m about to get my combs and gel and try this very style. You mark my words. This Issa Rae hairstyle is here to stay!

2. Hair Roll With Defined Curls

issa rae twisted braid hairstyle

Here, her stylist went with a braid/roll at the front with a twist on the side. The rest of her hair seems to have been left out and product applied to create some serious definition on her 4a/4b curls. You can apply moisturizer then use your fingers to run it through your hair till you see your curls come out. Use a diffuser for further definition. This Issa Rae hairstyle will make you look absolutely chic!

3. Mohican Puffs With Bangs

issa rae mohican puff with bangs

This style reminds me of a Mohican aka mohawk. It begins with defining your curls. As mentioned above, apply a lot of moisturizers all over your hair to make your curls pop. You can also use a diffuser for further definition. Take the front part and section it off. Take the hair on your temples and apply gel then pin it down. Divide the rest of your hair into three and apply gel on each section. Tie each section using a hair tie and you’re done!

4. Crown Braid-Out

issa rae crown baird out hairstyle

Despite the anxiety on her face, her hair looks Ah-Mazing! Get it by sectioning the hair on your crown and doing a braid-out. Take some hair at the back and braid it then bring it to the front to surround the braid-out. Then tie the rest of your hair into a ponytail or slick it down using gel. This quirky Issa Rae hairstyle is a must try! Check out these absolutely stunning braided hairstyles.

5. Magnificent Shrinkage

issa rae natural hair

Issa often goes through life, deflecting her problems and acing it with her natural hair in its natural state. Did you know that afro hair shrinks up to 80% of its actual length? Well, now you know. This photo of Issa is a good example of shrinkage. This is what happens when you only apply the product on your hair without stretching or manipulating it otherwise. Issa Rae’s natural hairstyle looks absolutely stunning.

Here are a few of Issa’s Red Carpet looks that we loved:

Issa was a stunner in her half afro-half braided hair. Use 3b/3C hair extensions to achieve this gorgeous style. Next time you’re at the salon, show this picture to your hairstylist!

Issa rae half braided half afro hair

Another half curly-half braided hairstyle on Issa you can definitely try. Her stylist did some cornrows at the front with the 2 last cornrows falling forward(giving off some Alicia Keys circa 2002 vibes). The back of her hair, extensions were used. You can use Darling braids in the colour of your choice for the cornrows and a Darling weave at the back.

Issa rae half curly half braided hair

Now that you have got some hair inspo, tell us about your favourite Issa Rae hairstyle in the comments below!

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