Where is the Sahel region you ask? The Sahel is the area that spans the width of Africa, running from the Atlantic Ocean all the way across to the Red Sea. It marks the transition between the Sahara Desert to the North and the Savanna to the South. A Youtuber called Miss Sahel visited the country of Chad, taking her viewers on a journey through years of culture, revealing the secrets of the Sahel women, that makes their hair grow to unbelievable lengths. We’re talking hair that reaches below the rear end, kind of long.

The Basara Arabs are a people in Chad which is in the West African Sahara Sahel region. They revealed to Miss Sahel their secret mixture that they apply to help grow and maintain their hair. This recipe is more specific to Chad and Sudan. This wonder mixture has been passed down for generations and is composed of various natural seeds and powders including Mahlaba (Cherry kernels), Samour (Mastic Gum), Clove & Sudanese Khumra Perfume oils.

Each ingredient is ground and roasted then sifted until in powder form. This final mixture is called Chebe/Chewe Powder. Each woman chooses her favourite hair butter and mixes it with fragrance oil. In the olden days, they used to use animal fat but this has changed due to the strong smell.  I too wouldn’t want to use goat fat on my hair.

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Before applying the mixture, the women wet the hair and apply the newly created Chebe powder then the fragrance oil/butter pomade in alternation until the hair is completely saturated. They then braid the hair and wet it. This process is repeated every 3 to 5 days.

Courtesy: Miss Sahel Vlogs

This super mix in and itself does not necessarily grow hair through any kind of science. Applying this miracle elixir is more about providing lubrication to the hair to prevent it from breaking, thereby ensuring it grows longer and longer…and longer.

Courtesy: Miss Sahel Vlogs

One striking thing Miss Sahel was able to bring out through interviewing the women, is that this extreme hair growth is not linked to the women’s genes. At all. It is largely as a result of applying the hair mixture. Especially seeing as these women have predominantly afro-textured hair. The proof is that the women do not apply the mixture to their bangs, which in turn, remain shorter than the rest of their hair. Also, not to worry. You too can get your hands on this precious Chebe powder. It is readily available on Amazon and Ebay, so you don’t actually have to fly to Chad to get it.

This just goes to show that is is not impossible to grow long afro hair like many of us think. It’s all in the hair care! It shows that protective styling is key in achieving long, Rapunzel-like hair.

Keep it under wraps and keep it nourished and you are on your way to luxurious lengths.

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