Protective Hairstyles For Natural Hair

Best Protective Hairstyles For Black Women!

To our naturalista sisters, you know you are no mere trend but a culture in yourselves. Gifted indeed, all of you with hair so dense that it can be skillfully shaped to flaunt a variety of hairstyles. But there’s always a flip side to the upside isn’t there? We mean dryness and brittleness that your mane is prone to and that definitely calls for some serious TLC!

Ask not what your mane can do for you, but what you can do to care, style and maintain that mane to embrace your natural texture with all you have got!

We hear your hair and know that it seeks 4 crucial needs – protective styling from the damage of the harsh sun and pollution, moisture lock-in, length retention and of course, to look stylish above all else!

Styles that will not cause damage or breakage to your natural hair can be difficult so we’ve pulled out the best protective hairstyles for natural hair.

1. Cornrows

Courtesy: Unsplash

Cornrows are basically braids that are created flat along the scalp and can vary in length. It is a great protective hairstyle for natural hair worn as it is or for natural hair that needs to be extended and protected. Braid them thick or thin, simply straight or in patterns, weave in colour strands or accessorize them with baubles and beads; cornrows are a great way to keep your hair’s moisture intact and are not heavy on time commitment. This protective hairstyle is here to stay!

2. Seal It With A Twist

Courtesy: Lethow

This one’s a simple protective hairstyle you can try with your own natural hair. We love it, for it is youthful and works for women across ages. Ideal for lengths unto your neck or shoulders. Twist your natural hair from the nape of your neck towards the back. Do this on either side and secure both sides in a low bun. This protective hairstyle will make you look chic!

3. Get Wiggy With It

curly afro wigs for natural hair

Courtesy: Halloweencostumes

Wigs are undoubtedly the most fuss-free of all protective hairstyles. They’re easy to maintain and allow you to take a break from cumbersome and lengthy styling routines. We love the new curly afro wigs over the sleek structured, finished ones for they are the closest you’ll get to your natural textures. Wear them over your short natural crop or over your cornrows.

4. Wrap It Up

Courtesy: Blackhairstyleslic

Pop-coloured or printed we love them either way! Turbans or scarfs are stylish and affordable options that straddle across summer and winter months. There are only more than a million ways to use them to wrap your natural mane and are a great go-to when you are in between two protective styles.

5. Woo Them With The Braid-y Bunch

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Braids are hands down an all-time classic and can go from casual to professional depending on the style you pick. They’re versatile, functional, easy to get and reasonably priced. They also last for weeks with little to no major effort to maintain, giving you unrestricted access to your scalp. Dabble between a variety of different styles like the usual three-strand braids, box braid bobs or long box braids, thick twists like the Marley or Havana styles or thin and lightweight like the Senegalese twists. Try on some Faux locs or the Ghanian line and dress them up or down, get creative!

The Yarn braids trend is picking up the pace! They last much longer than typical braided extensions and are available in natural tones but what’s life without some pop of colour!

Protective hairstyles for natural hair are extremely easy to style and manage and will not damage or break your natural hair.

The best bit about braids is the convenience to style your hair as you like it. Not sure which braid style to pick? We help you choose from 5 Beautiful Braided Hairstyles.

Available in a variety of colours and ombre tones so you don’t even have to go through the whole process of colouring your own hair. Try the Darling Super Star Hair Extensions 2 Pieces crochet format, time-efficient and easy to attach onto your own cornrowed hair. Maximum style, minimum fuss!

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