The soulful, seductive songstress that is SZA. Phew, That was a handful. But what’s more of a handful is her striking signature mane. Her name is pronounced ‘’Sizza’’ incase you’re wondering.

She never plays it safe. Her chart-topping singles like ‘’The Weekend’’ and ‘’Love Galore’’ make her a force to reckon with. And have you seen her hair? It has a life of its own. She’s come to be known for her big, beautiful kinky hair, nude lip gloss and laid-back style. Did I mention nude lip gloss?

You will die a little inside once you know that all of it is her hair and not extensions. She told Vogue in 2014 that she washes her hair using use a conditioner and coconut oil, and then rinses it with lukewarm water. She makes her own deep conditioner from coconut oil, avocado, a drop of conditioner, cinnamon, and tea tree oil. Thanks for sharing Sza!

She works with her hairstylist Dianne Garcia to whip up a storm on and off the red carpet.

We want desperately to have SZA’s hair. If you have such hair, that’s amazing! If you don’t, that’s still fine. You can definitely achieve SZA’s look with a little(or a lot) of help. Hair extensions are your friend. Get some kinky, curly hair extensions and take these photos of Sza and see what you and your hairstylist can come up with!

Now let’s delve into the different ways she styles her big, magnificent hair.

1. Colour The Big Hair

Sza has worn her big hair in different colours from fiery red to blonde and orange. If you thought big hair would attract attention, wait till you dye it. You will own the room.

2. Crown The Big Hair

For a fun, cheeky look, SZA wore a flower crown on her curled hair. This look would be perfect for festivals or just a nice day out. If you’re wearing accessories on big hair, shape and size is key. Do not wear crowns that overpower the hair. Let the hair have its moment.

3. Curl The Big Hair

Use a curling wand with a small barrel to curl the big hair and let it fall. Use your fingers and a comb to separate the curls and give it an imperfect look. Great. Now you look like Sza!

The other variation of the curly hairstyle is adding two small braids to it. Sza wore this gorgeous style to the 2018 MET gala. The headpiece was part of the costume she wore to the Gala.


4. Straighten The Big Hair

Take your flat iron and straighten the big hair in sections. A nice addition to the look would be bangs. Oh. And nude lip gloss. You don’t look like Sza if you don’t add the nude lip gloss, do you?

Hope these hairstyles inspired you to get into big hair! Remember, if Sza can do it, so can you. Comment below and tell us which hairstyle is your favourite!

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Authored By Winnie The Fashionista

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