How To Stop Hair Shrinkage

Shrinkage. Whazzat?

As hard as it sounds, shrinkage is an inevitable part of being a naturalista but it’s not all that bad! As much as you hate it (and we know you do), it indicates your curls are in a good shape and springy bouncy curls indicate good elasticity. Despite it all, who wouldn’t want a more stretched pattern for your curls? Here’s how to curb hair shrinkage:

1. The Blowdryer Never Fails

Yes girl, blow it out! Going heatless maybe the best thing for your hair, but as long as you deep condition regularly and use a heat protectant, your hair can handle a little heat. After your hair wash, wait for your hair to be 90% dry, then simply blow dry your roots with medium heat. This really stretches the hair and adds some length to it. Plus it’s super quick and easy too!

2. Rock The Bantu Knots

Apart from lending some great length, almost everyone looks hip and trendy in Bantu knots. Begin by creating sections in your hair. Gently brush out your hair to get rid of any tangles or knots. Take a section of your hair and twist it in one direction.  Then take this section and wrap it around to form a knot.  Secure this in place and continue the same process with the other sections till you have yourself a head full of bantus.

3. Embrace The Bun

Don’t fret the bun, hun! Especially if you experience a lot of hair shrinkage. This no heat, no damage method should be done while the hair is still damp, but not too wet straight after your wash. Coil your hair into a bun and leave it tied on for a couple of hours. Make sure it is tight enough to stretch your hair and loose enough that it won’t leave any creases!

4. Twists and Braids

Twists and braids are more than just natural protective hairstyles. They are literally a life saver for every bad hair situation, even hair shrinkage. Braids and twists create a little stretch or tension which lengthens the hair. Opt to shampoo natural hair in braids or twists. Unless you’re in a hurry, opt for multiple braids and twists instead of the standard two braids.

5. Banding That Mane

Got multiple hair ties? Then without further debate let’s get banding. Banding is the process of using ponytail holders to gently stretch out wet natural hair. Divide your hair into sections and place hair ties from the root all the way to the tip to stretch out the hair. Let the hair air dry and wrap it in a satin scarf to combat frizz. To avoid hair breakage be sure not to tie the hair ties too tightly. Although, we suggest that you resort to this method occasionally.

Craving some curl definition? Skip the iron rod and do it the heatless way. Check out 3 Ways To Set Your Curls Without Heat.

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