How To Maintain An Afro Hairstyle

Love is in the hair

And as the cliché goes ‘it is one thing to fall in love and another to maintain it’. Forever chic and queenly, girls love the afro when they want to wear their hair loose and big. Just by following a few routine steps, you can achieve a healthy, voluminous and frizz-free afro crown on your head.

1. Eat Healthy And Avoid Stress

Proper nutrition is an answer to everything and your hair is no wonder. A healthy, balanced diet, rich in proteins, vitamins, fiber and good fats plays a crucial part in the well-being of your tresses.
Healing of tissues takes place when you get decent sleep and rest. Stressing over matters would only do harm, resulting in hair loss. So, just so we’re clear, a healthy mind and body leads to healthy hair. Capisce?

2. Moisturize And Hydrate

Your hair can be very demanding when it comes to moisture. You need to feed that beast with a lot of water every day. Yes, every day! Make water your best friend. Spray it from the bottle to reduce dryness, brittleness and breakage. Though that’s just topical, drink your way to beautiful hair – we’re talking 6 litres a day!
Our beloved African Pride Shea Miracle Moisture Intense Leave-in Conditioner seals the moisture in and prevents your curls from drying. Some essential oils mixed with water can also promote hair growth.

3. Sulphate Free Shampoo

Used to create lather or foam, sulphates can be the culprit in elevating the dryness of your hair. Clean your scalp, use a sulphate-free shampoo available at your local supermarkets and pharmacies to create an enriching base for your afro to grow.

4. Wigs And Scarves

No battles are won without superheroes and saviours. Scarves play that role in your struggle of going natural and maintaining a healthy afro. Wrap it up with a scarf before going to bed to retain the moisture and nutrients in your hair. Especially, when you are in the transition phase, fashionable and bohemian scarves can do all the talking.

5. Pat Dry And Reduce Heat Treatment

Heating is a serious danger to your kinky curls. It leaves the hair coarser and more brittle in structure. If there is a need to blow dry it, remember to use the cold setting. Else there couldn’t be anything better than to pat it dry with a micro-fiber cloth.

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