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How to Hide Extensions in Very Short Hair

Extensions are an amazing tool that allows you to switch up a variety of different areas related to your hair.

You can add length, volume, or switch up your hair color all thanks to extensions. A variety of different installation methods are available – permanent, semi-permanent, and temporary.

Some people ask – what if you have short hair? How can you hide your extensions? Let’s take a look at how to hide extensions even if you have very short hair.

How to Hide Extensions in Very Short Hair 

The key to hiding extensions, regardless of whether your hair is short or long, is achieved through blending. Let’s take a look at a few ways how to get a better blend.


The type of installation method you pick can make all the difference. Certain extension methods such as clip-ins have a thicker base. This means there’s more chance of it showing, especially on short hair. 

Micro links extensions and tape-in extensions could be better choices if you have very short hair. These types of installation methods allow you to install small pieces of hair in an inconspicuous way. 

This allows for better blending and makes it a lot easier to hide the extensions. Going to a professional is also always a great idea if you have any doubts and want a professional look. 


More texture throughout the hair allows for some imperfections. The curlier the extensions are, the more you can hide. This is perfect if you have very short hair you’re trying to cover up. 

Curly hair has a lot more volume than straight hair and doesn’t allow you to focus on one specific area. Straight hair on the other hand only falls down and if there’s any sort of imperfection, it will stick out like a sore thumb.

Even if the specific extensions you have aren’t curly, you can add curls to allow for maximum blending. Heat tools and heatless styles are a great way to achieve a natural blend.

A curlier hair pattern allows for some imperfections. The curlier the extensions are, the more you can hide. This is perfect if you have very short hair you’re trying to cover up.


Whether you’re deciding to wear your hair up or down, styling is key. Certain hairstyles can aid in covering imperfections and draw the eye to a different area. 

Teasing is another way to help with blending. This action is achieved by backcombing the hair with a brush to create more volume, generally at the base.

Styling the hair after it’s already been installed will allow you to achieve those finishing touches that allow you to hide extensions.

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Common Misconceptions

One of the most common misconceptions is that you cannot wear extensions if you have short hair. This is far from the truth as many who wear extensions actually have very short hair.

If your hair is very short, you may want to look into the different installation methods. Choosing an installation method that is more inconspicuous will allow it be easier to blend the extensions into your hair. 

The texture of the extensions you choose as well as the way you style the hair can also have a big effect and blending. Blending is truly the key to allowing you to wear extensions even when you have very short hair. 

Tips and Tricks

  • Wash the hair after installation – Washing hair after it’s been installed will allow the extensions to completely blend with your natural hair. This blend allows you to hide the extensions better. 
  • Add layers – Adding layers to the extensions is another way to help with blending. It allows you to create some movement throughout the hair and helps to blend the hair, even if it’s short.
  • Don’t be afraid of volume – Volume covers a lot of mistakes. Whether you decide to add volume through the texture of the hair you pick or by using methods such as teasing, this will all help with blending.

Can you put extensions in short hair?

Yes, you can put extensions in short hair. Many who have short hair install extensions to get the additional length. Covering the base of extensions is relatively easy even if you have short hair. You may have to style a bit more but it is totally possible to install extensions even with shorter hair. 

How do you blend extensions?

There are many ways to blend extensions. The way you install and style them are two of the main ways. When you install them, you want to make sure the base is as close to the scalp as possible. You can style with some added texture to blend your hair with the extensions. Using products and cutting the hair are some other ways to better blend extensions.

The Bottomline 

It is completely possible to wear extensions even if you have short hair. The key to hiding them is determined by how well they are blended.

If you ensure the extensions are installed right, you pick the appropriate texture, and are properly styled; this will allow you to better hide those extensions. 

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