How to Grow African Hair Fast

No success growing out your hair? African hair is notoriously known to be dry and brittle. This can lead to stunted growth. But hold on, don’t give up just yet! We’re lining up tips on how to grow African hair faster and longer. Read on!

1. Pre-Poo

Pre-pooing is an important step to growing healthy hair. The thick consistency of the pre-poo forms a layer around the hair cuticles and protects it from damage. Many a time, rigorous shampooing can leave your hair feeling dry and this leads to breakage. With pre-poo, you prevent this from happening.

2. Protect Your Ends

Every 3-4 months one should get a trim in order to rid all of ‘em split ends. This would allow your hair to continue to grow in a healthy manner without further damage.

3. DC Regularly

Deep conditioning on a regular basis is bound to show results quite quickly. A deep conditioner sinks deep into the hair and nourishes it, especially at the tips. We swear by Profectiv Mega Growth Deep Conditioner. You’d have to try to see why!

4. Wear A Satin Bonnet

At night, wrap your hair in a satin or silk scarf in order to prevent moisture loss.
Cotton pillow cases tend to cause more friction and strip hair of its moisture. So switch to satin or silk pillow cases to rest that marvellous mane.

5. Wash Your Hair Sparingly

Cut down on the number of times you wash your hair. Washing your hair too often can lead to loss of natural oils leaving it looking and feeling extremely dry – leading to breakage and hence stunting hair growth. Resort to washing your hair twice a week. Use a neutral shampoo such as Profectiv Mega Growth Stimulating Shampoo that is gentle on your hair and scalp. It’s clarifying properties rid your scalp of any product build up.

Your little one’s hair needs the same amount of love and care. Check out 5 Tips To Grow Your Afro Kid’s Natural Hair Longer.

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