How To Create Marley Twists

Twist and shine!

We are gonna show you how to twist it like a pro. Marley twists can be a bit time consuming but they make a hella of a protective hairstyle and can last for a month. Let’s skate through these easy steps to create Marley twists.

Products Needed

a. Intense hair moisturizer
b. Frizz control serum
c. Wide tooth comb
d. Hair Clips
e. Moisturizing oil (sealant)
f. Marley Hair (7-8 packs)
g. Lighter

1. How To Prep

Marley Twists 1

First things first. Wash the Darling Marley Twist Black Brown hair extensions in an apple cider vinegar bath to avoid a potential itchy scalp. Comb the extensions and moisturize it thoroughly so that they don’t take up the moisture from your natural hair. African Pride Shea Miracle Moisture Intense Buttery Creme hair moisturizer works well with both your actual hair as well as synthetic hair. It is better to make pre-bundles of this hair so that you don’t have to do everything again after twisting one strand of hair.

Moreover, twisting is done best with clean, dry and stretched hair. So, make sure you wash your hair with a mild shampoo like a Mega Growth Stimulating Shampoo and dry it thoroughly.

2. How To Style

Marley Twists 2

Courtesy: 83toinfinity

Once you are done with prepping, jump to sectioning. Part your hair as desired and take one section at a time. Keep the remaining sections out of the way with the help of hair clips. Re-moisturize the section with water and Shea butter and apply Dr Miracles Strengthen Daily Moisturizing Gro Oil as a sealant to it. Detangle then, with a wide tooth comb.

Now, split the sections in half and install the synthetic hair close to the roots as shown in the picture. Keep twisting the synthetic hair outwards with natural hair and then cross-wards to create a rope-like structure. Repeat the steps for each section preferably from front to back.

3. How To Complete The Look

Courtesy: Ebena

As soon as you are done twisting it, you are probably going to see a few flyaways, but gurl don’t stress, the Dr Miracles Curl Care Frizz Control Serum will come to your rescue and tame them for a cleaner and chic look. To seal the ends of your twists, use a lighter to burn the ends to the desired length and roll between your fingers to seal it.

If you feel a bit heavy on the head after the installation of your twists, move it a bit and give it some time. It will get better with the movement.

Protective hairstyles like Marley twists offer a great way to protect your ends. If your ends are already damaged or being vulnerable, read our post on How To Take Care Of Weak Hair Ends.

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