How To Care For Your Faux Locs

Going in for Faux locs and forgetting to care or maintain them is a definite Faux Pas, ladies! But we know you will have none of that! Breeze through this step-by-step TLC guide to make ‘em locs look fabulous.

1. Cleanse Your Scalp

Not just for locs, but with all protective styles that allow for scalp access, you could wash your scalp gently with warm water so that it does not interfere with your faux locs. Alternatively, you can always use dry shampoo which is a hassle-free method for a quick scalp cleanse in between washes. Check out this article to learn more about cleansing conditioners.

2. Wash Your Locs

Not a tiring task at all; just gently cleanse your hair first with a cloth dipped in a residue-free shampoo and then with a cloth soaked in warm water. You don’t have to wash it thoroughly. Washing your hair will pull the frizz out of your locs and the drying process can be a bit wearying too.

3. Moisturize

Be it for your skin or hair, moisturizing is the key to happiness! Mist your hair with water to refresh it. If you are willing to do more, spray a mild moisturizer like African Pride Olive Miracle Braid Sheen Spray twice a week, and that would definitely keep them looking fresh and hydrated.

4. Oil

Oiling is synonymous with nourishment. If you desire shiny and lustrous locs, oil them once a week to flaunt your shining glory.

You can be your own kind of trendsetter with faux locs! Have a look at 4 Tips To Maintain Your Dreadlocks.

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