Different Types Of Faux Locs To Try

Faux locs for real

Faux locs have been upbeat and on trend for a while now. Your favourite celebrities have been sporting them with some unique and interesting variations. Some even more peculiar than the rest. But that’s a story for a different day! Are you wondering how to lock in your locs differently and in a better way? To answer this, take a peek below at different types of faux locs.

1. Coloured Locs

Types Of Faux Locs - Coloured Locs

Weave in a few coloured faux locs with your predominant natural shade locs. Opt for cherry red or pink, purple or platinum. In fact why stop at that when you can go ombre! Highlighting some of your natural coloured strands with hues of blue won’t hurt either. But remember, if the colour’s too loud, you might risk overdoing the style. Take a look at stylish hair colour highlights for afro hair.

2. Simple Long Locs

Types Of Faux Locs - Simple Long Locs
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We hate to admit it but simplicity often floats our boat! Simple long locs, among different types of faux locs are a treat for sore eyes. The texture and look of Faux locs itself calls for ample attention. Look no further than the Darling Marley Twist – Brown hair extensions to nail this natural look. Accessorize them with beads for an added edge, if you prefer.

3. Yarn Locs

Types Of Faux Locs - Yarn Locs
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This type of faux loc deserves a special mention because of its sheer distinctiveness. To achieve this distinguishability and since we are crushing over grey or platinum as a colour trend, your go-to has to be yarn locs in this colour over any synthetic hair variant you may find out there. Synthetic yarn locs can weigh a lot more and are far from natural to look at. Yarn braids are the upcoming trends for afro hair.

4. Micro Faux Locs

Types Of Faux Locs - Micro Faux Locs
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Nanotechnology beckons and micro faux locs fit right in! This one’s easy. Just reach out for crochet braids. These types of faux locs are ultra-thin, lightweight and the closest you’ll get to natural looking texture. Unlike conventional locs, micro locs are low on maintenance and are so versatile, you can create braid-outs, Bantu knot-outs and even have them in cornrows or flat twists.

Just as micro faux locs, micro braids are also catching up with the trend this season. Here are some Totally Chic Micro Braids Hairstyles You Need To Try.

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