How do I protect my hair?

2 years ago by Tetiana02

" Hi there.
I have very soft curly hair that becomes so light and volume-less when blowdried.

Also, my hair can't hold plaits or cornrows for more than a week. Braids just pull my hair, especially at my hairline.

I've tried not plaiting anything and just maintaining my hair in it's natural form but that's a hustle cobsidering the attention it needs that I almost have no time for. Plus it pains me everytime I comb it and I see a lot of hair loss on my comb.
I've tried to find ways to manage my hair on a simple budget...I've even tried Yara Shahidi's (Zoe on Black-ish series) styles but I can't even do them as nicely as she does.

Kindly help me out."