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I am very adventurous with my hair. My hair is one of my favourite parts of me and what I love most about it is how I am able to achieve different facial looks with different hairstyles. My normal hair routine is to have it washed and the style changed every 2 weeks and sometimes, every week. I relax my hair as well and I do this every quarter.In all, I love my hair.

Jimmy is a creative hair & braiding stylist with more than 15 years of experience, he’s responsible for some of the most amazing hairstyles seen at Soweto fashion week shows and currently works as a technician and educator for FRIKA AHIR & DARLING HAIR AFRICA. When he’s not styling backstage he’s working his magic on set for photoshoots.

I’m loving growing my natural hair back. My natural hair journey changed when I discovered de-tanglers. I noticed that my hair’s been retaining it’s length and breaks no more. I am having a great time guessing how long it will grow. Each new length leads to a new style; a different fun way to show up.

I’m a graphic designer by trade so my creative nature extends to my look (most days). I love change & lots of colour so naturally, I take it out on my hair. Cut, colour or extensions - I prefer to do my own hair - you name it, chances are I’ve tried it. I’ve learned a lot along the way and while I’m no professional hair person, I can give some great pointers from a personal point of view.

I’ve been a commercial-educator, assessor and qualified hairdresser with over 18 years’ experience. I believe that I have been blessed with strong analytical and technical skills and see hair as a canvas and hairstyling as an art. This inspires me when I begin creating styles. I specialise in both wet hair and dry hair and have a proven track record of combining a strong product knowledge with excellent training skills. As an artist and educator, my goal is to educate, inspire and compel stylists to be all that they can be and I care to share my craft with other passionate professionals, much like myself.

'Winnie is hair and hair is Winnie. As someone who has managed to grow long, healthy hair, she has picked up quite a vast amount of knowledge along the way. This is what makes her a guru in all matters Afro hair. As a fashion and beauty connoisseur with a penchant for humour and perfect grammar, she runs a personal style blog at winniethefashionista.com and runs her own business: zenabeauty.co.ke.

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