How To Stop Hair Shrinkage

Shrinkage. Whazzat? As hard as it sounds, shrinkage is an inevitable part of being a naturalista but it’s not all that bad! As much as you hate it (and we know you do), it indicates your curls are in a good shape and springy bouncy curls indicate good elasticity. Despite it all, who wouldn’t want … Read more

Benefits Of Jojoba Oil For Afro Hair

All Hail, Jojoba! Derived from the Jojoba plants in South America, Jojoba oil is essentially a liquid wax extracted from the plant’s seeds. Fascinatingly, afro hair responds positively to it – relaxed or natural, it greets them equally. Here is a smooth slip with benefits of Jojoba oil on afro hair. 1. Promotes Natural Oil … Read more

How To Create Marley Twists

Twist and shine! We are gonna show you how to twist it like a pro. Marley twists can be a bit time consuming but they make a hella of a protective hairstyle and can last for a month. Let’s skate through these easy steps to create Marley twists. Products Needed a. Intense hair moisturizerb. Frizz … Read more

Ingredients To Avoid In Hair Products

Healthy hair is a sacred territory Hair products have tried to conquer this territory by furnishing your curls to getting it straight, by puffing it up to waving it down. These products make your hair look amazing but at what cost? The harmful ingredients in these products not only tamper with your skin and hair … Read more

Celebrate Hair with The Go Africa Harlem Street Festival

Let’s celebrate Africa! Well if you listened close, ‘We are one’, was the chant throughout the Go Africa Harlem Street Festival 2018 held in New York. The fest was all about African pride, heritage and culture. While everyone got going gaga over the tasteful music, delish food and quaint little kiosks, we were going INSANE … Read more

Beginner’s Guide To Hair Weaves

Just weave it and leave it From a short bob to a fuller ‘fro and from straight hair to balanced curls, we want to try everything for our hair. Now, this can be done with less hair manipulation. Don’t believe us? Believe the weaves, the kind of hair extensions that have the ability to give … Read more