Common Types of Combs and How to Use Them

Combs come in a plethora of shapes, sizes, colour and materials. From wood to plastic handles, aluminium bristles to goat hair bristles. The type of comb you will use is all a function of budget, type of hair and desired style. Can’t find a more fitting time to use the phrase ‘’Different folks for different … Read more

5 Holiday Hairstyles For Kids With Natural Hair

Oh, we’re not kidding around! It’s the holiday season and you want your kids to look fabulous in that family picture. We hear you, mama! But when creativity and time complement each other, you can play with cornrows or make cat buns in no time with these easy ideas on holiday hairstyles for kids! 1. … Read more

Things You Should Know About Cleansing Conditioners

No conditions applied! We are going to say it straight out. “Co-washing” is the best thing to have happened to afro hair! It makes your hair soft, silky and tangle-free. We bet you are dying to know more, so take a look below! 1. What Are Cleansing Conditioners? What if we told you that conditioners … Read more

Protective Hairstyles For Natural Hair

Best Protective Hairstyles For Black Women! To our naturalista sisters, you know you are no mere trend but a culture in yourselves. Gifted indeed, all of you with hair so dense that it can be skillfully shaped to flaunt a variety of hairstyles. But there’s always a flip side to the upside isn’t there? We … Read more

7 Reasons That Explain Why Your Hair Is Not Growing

You could be doing everything in your power but your hair is still not growing the way you hoped it would. Ever see those people whose hair goes from a TWA to the middle of their back in like 2 days? Ok.Ok. I jest. Not 2 days but like 5 days…Ok fine. 7 months. Take … Read more

Top Hairstyles To Try On With Weaves

Weaves on our mind Gone were the days when you used to anticipate the new looks and worry about the damage. Weaves have arrived to take all your troubles and make a dazzling hairdo out of them. They even protect your hair when you are busy looking beautiful. Broaden your weave perspective by getting inspired … Read more

Best Hairstyles For The Wedding Season

Hair to be for the bride to be! What can be more important for a bride than the choice of her wedding dress? Well, her wedding hairstyle! Luckily there are so many stunning hairstyles, for the brides to choose from. We’ve shortlisted some new, exciting hairstyles for your D-day! 1. Short Natural Hairstyle With Flowers … Read more

Stylish Hair Trends of 2018

New Hair, New You! A new year calls for a new look; experimenting with colours, styles and various trends in hair! As much as we’d love to keep last year’s clothes and hair, we know, like us, you can’t wait to really go all out, express our individuality and revamp yourselves too. Are you familiar … Read more

How To Style Kinky Curls

Bring out your curly While most girls out there are discussing boy problems, we’re trying to round up a bunch of kinky curly hairstyles for you. Aren’t we the crusaders of cool! Check out these 5 amazing ways to style your kinky curls. 1. Look Badass With This Braided Top Knot Courtesy: Moderhairstyles When life … Read more

Best Hair Colour For Black Women

Bright is the new bold Whether it’s taking a bath in Purple Rain or getting drenched in a Golden Shower, black women can possibly rock every hair colour there is to name! They also have a plethora of options to choose from. Be it on the afro or on the braids, flirt with hints and … Read more