Air Drying Natural Hair

Air drying is a simple method to use, but how effective is it? This article will talk about the benefits of air drying and the best tips for doing it. What is air drying? Air drying simply lets the water on your hair evaporate instead of using heating tools to dry it. Air drying is, … Read more

What is a Protective Style?

Whether the goal is to keep the hair to stay put or to grow it out, a protective style can achieve many things in healthy ways.  It is a must, especially in the afro hair community, when it comes to locking in hair nutrients. There are a wide variety of protective styles, and many options … Read more

How to Take Care of 4a Hair

Knowing how to properly care for your hair type can really help your hair reach its healthiest, best-looking potential. It can also help avoid damage and stunted hair growth. There are several ways to care for 4a hair specifically, and if applied to your consistent hair routine, will bring major beneficial results.  What is 4a … Read more

42 Sew in Bob Weave Hairstyles in 2022

Do you find long hair cumbersome? Have you ever wanted to try a shorter style? Below, we look at some of the most stunning sew-in bob hairstyles that will have you turning heads no matter where you go! Bob Weave Styles Bobs are normally chin-to-shoulder length hairstyles. They are a great in-between style to try … Read more

Overview of 3C vs 4A Hair: Differences & Similarities

Understanding the difference between hair types can make it much easier to establish a healthy and effective hair care routine.  However, it can be a little tricky to recognize the different hair types if they are very similar. In this blog, we analyze the differences between 3C and 4A hair, which are right next to each other … Read more

Why Black People Have Curly, Kinky Hair

African American hair is very unique and tends to be much coarser, curlier, and thicker than other hair types. The Black community is culturally diverse in many ways and includes a range of textured hair types. This includes straight hair, and tightly coiled, frizzy hair, which is known as “Afro.” The texture of black hair … Read more

How Should You Wash Natural 4c Hair

Many people struggle with the correct way to wash 4c hair, but not to worry, this article got you covered.  What is 4c hair? 4c hair is the coiliest hair type on the curl type chart. It is very versatile and has the most shrinkage out of all the other hair types. You most likely … Read more

Can You Wear a Wig Over Your Natural Hair?

Are you interested in wearing a wig but something is still holding you back? There are quite a few questions that naturally come up when learning about wigs. One specific area that tends to be of concern is your natural hair. Can you wear a wig over your natural hair? This article will discuss that … Read more