Can You Wear a Wig Over Your Natural Hair?

Are you interested in wearing a wig but something is still holding you back? There are quite a few questions that naturally come up when learning about wigs.

One specific area that tends to be of concern is your natural hair. Can you wear a wig over your natural hair? This article will discuss that topic in further detail. Let’s take a look.

Can you wear a wig over your natural hair?

Yes, it’s quite possible to wear a wig over your natural hair and it’s a common thing to do. One of wigs’ main selling points is that they are specifically designed to protect your natural hair. In order to ensure your hair is fully protected, it’s important to properly secure your natural hair.

Securing your hair allows you to avoid any pulling or tugging that could be caused by the wig. There are a variety of different ways you can go about this. 

Wearing a wig cap is another tool to help when wearing a wig over your natural hair. This will help further secure and protect your hair from the wig unit.

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How to wear a wig with your natural hair

How your hair is secured depends on the length of your hair. If your hair has any sort of length to it, you want to find a way for it to lay as flat as possible. This is generally done by braiding the hair.

Smaller braids such as cornrows are ideal but any sort of flat braiding will get the job done. If your hair is short, and I mean really short, you can get away with not securing it at all. 

If you are close to bald, not much needs to be done. If you have a bit more length you may be able to get away with slicking the hair back with some gel to secure it. Regardless of length, a wig cap can be used to secure any loose hair.

How to protect your natural hair while wearing a wig

Your natural hair is free from any elements when in a wig which greatly reduces damage. While this is great, it’s important to keep track of your hair needs even if it’s tucked away. 

One key area to keep track of is the moisture of your natural hair. Ensuring your hair is properly conditioned will give it an additional layer of protection.

Keeping an eye on your scalp is another way to keep your hair healthy overall. A healthy scalp will produce healthy hair.

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Does wearing a wig damage your natural hair?

As long as your hair is properly cared for, no, wigs don’t cause damage. Wigs are a protective style that, if used right, are a great choice for increasing hair growth. Make sure you take the proper steps such as detangling, moisturizing, and securing your natural hair to get the best results. You can also utilize hair tools such as wig caps as another added layer of protection.

Is it okay to wear a wig everyday? 

Yes, contrary to popular belief, it is okay to wear a wig everyday. That being said, it’s important to take care of your hair underneath to ensure it is healthy. Any unnecessary pulling can cause damage to the hair and make it not suitable to wear everyday. If you have the option, remove the wig at night, this will make it more comfortable instead of wearing the wig 24/7.

The Bottomline

It’s 100% okay to wear a wig over your natural hair. While this is the case, it’s important to take care of your hair underneath to get the best results and ensure the hair is properly protected.

If you take the proper steps, you avoid damaging your hair as well as hav

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