Best Sew-In Hair

I’m a licensed cosmetologist who has been in the industry for quite a few years. Finding the perfect sew-in hair is possible but does take some time. Often you don’t know whether you will like the hair until it’s already installed.

Once sew-in hair is installed, little to no work is needed for your natural hair. The hair should be safely tucked away and left alone to grow.

These are 5 of the best sew-in options on the market. Perfect for beginners or seasoned veterans, let’s have a look.

Best Sew-in Hair

Sew-in hair is a great protective style that is relatively cheap and easy to carry out. It involves your natural hair to be safely tucked away with extensions sewn on top to protect your natural strands of hair.

  • Best sew-in hair overall – Dsoar takes the spot as their Indian hair covers all the areas you want to be on the lookout for when shopping for sew-in hair. The bundles are reasonably priced, have a great density, and are constructed well.
  • Best sew-in hair for value – Tinashe offers an affordable sew-in option starting just over $65 for a complete set of 3. While the density is a little light on the ends, the hair is made well making it a solid choice.
  • Best sew-in hair for high quality – Isee has extremely high quality hair with some of the highest hair strades available. The hair is constructed well and has a great density. The downside would have to be the price but you get what you pay for.
  • Best sew-in hair based on reputation – Alipearl has been in the business for 20 years and just recently started their own official site. They provide quality products at an affordable price to keep their customers coming back.
  • Best sew-in hair for easy use –  Nadula offers basic units that are easy to use. While there aren’t many areas to customize the unit, the positives of this hair result in a solid unit. You can’t beat what you get for the price.

1. Dsoar Indian Straight Remy Hair 

Dsoar is a company committed to providing the best quality human hair. They are based in China yet service people worldwide. They are dedicated to providing an easy shopping experience to everyone who visits their site.

Dsoar is known for their weaves but offer a variety of other items. Wigs, clip-ins, and colored extensions are just some of the products the company offers. All of this is possible by their committed team.

These specific bundles have a lot of selling points that make this a great go to sew-in bundle. The hair is Indian which gives off a thick and healthy look that helps maintain a consistent density throughout.

The construction of the bundles are another major selling point as they are extremely durable. Pairing this with the 4 bundles will leave you with a full weave look for weeks. The biggest downside would have to be the lack of customizations available.

What I Like

  • Construction – The hair is double wefted resulting in a thick base.
  • Price – Aside from the two longest lengths the hair is reasonable price for 4 bundles.
  • Density – The ends are just as thick as the rest of the unit.
  • Number of bundles – The hair comes with 4 bundles.
  • Hair type – The hair is Indian which is a premium material.

What I Don’t Like

  • Customizations – For the price I’d expect you to be able to pick a hair type.
  • Hair grade – They don’t specify the hair grade on the company site.

2. Tinashe Peruvian Body Wave Hair 

Tinahse was founded in 1996 and is based in China. SInce 2016, they have been able to operate their business online and reach a larger audience. Due to the reasonable prices offered by the company, many wholesalers shop with Tinashe.

Tinashe is determined to stick to strict standards on their quality and work standards. While the company is most known for their wigs, they do offer a variety of different products all available at reasonable prices.

The main selling point on these bundles is the price. The shorter lengths are extremely affordable which makes this a great option for short styles. The Peruvian hair is another added benefit that comes with this affordable unit.

A serious downside would have to be the density. The texture likely plays a big part in this considering body waves generally aren’t as thick on the ends. This is something to be aware of prior to purchasing since it will likely affect your styling.

What I Like

  • Price – If you want shorter lengths this hair is extremely affordable.
  • Construction – The hair is double machine wefted making a thick and durable base.
  • Hair type – Peruvian hair is a great option for sew-in hair.

What I Don’t Like

  • Density – The ends are slightly thin and this could be due to the texture.
  • Hair grade – The company doesn’t specify the hair grade of the bundles.
  • Texture – Body waves can be a hit or miss depending on the overall hold.

3. Isee Unprocessed Human Hair 

Isee Hair is known for providing high quality human hair. They have their own factory and therefore are able to offer this high quality hair at reasonable prices. While these bundles are a little on the pricey side, the quality makes them well worth it.

The company is based in China but welcomes service worldwide. The company is most known for their high quality bundles but also offers a variety of other high quality products. Their wigs are another area that leads to major selling.

Isee bundles are quite customizable which is a great thing to be on the lookout for. You can pick the specific hair type you’d like along with how many bundles. Considering the price of this hair it’s a big perk that these customizations are available.

Another positive of this hair is the density and construction. The wefts have a solid base and are thick throughout. The straight texture could have posed a problem in the density area but did a great job in masking the potential problem.

What I Like

  • Construction – The base of the hair is thick and a great foundation for a sew-in.
  • Density – Although the hair is straight, the hair is relatively thick throughout.
  • Customization – You can choose the hair type and have the choice of 3 or 4 bundles.
  • Hair grade – The hair is available in a grade of 14A making it great quality.

What I Don’t Like

  • Price –Even the shorter lengths of hair are quite pricey.

4. Alipearl Brazilian Straight Virgin Hair 

Alipearl has had its own factory for over 20 years. 4 years ago they were able to open their own store and make things official. Their handcrafted products are made with 100% human hair resulting in high quality products.

They have a variety of different hair types, textures, and colors to ensure they can meet all of their customers’ needs. Because the company has their own factory, they can play a bigger part in production and ensure they truly are providing the best products.

These bundles have a variety of different selling points. The price is one area that is highly desirable. Even the longest lengths are quite affordable. Pair this with a great construction and you’re sure to be happy with the purchase.

The density is another area that is great on these bundles. Despite being a straight texture which can have thin ends, the hair is thick throughout. A downside to the hair would have to be the fact that the longest length is only 26 inches.

What I Like

  • Price – Even the longest lengths of the bundles are affordable.
  • Construction – The hair is double machine wefted ensuring the base is durable.
  • Density – Despite having a straight texture and long in length, the ends are thick.

What I Don’t Like

  • Length – They only go up to 26 inches when many companies offer up to 30.
  • Customizations – You can choose a hair type but need to notify the company.

5. Nadula Brazilian Body Wave Virgin Hair 

Since starting the company, Nadula aims to provide luxury yet durable hair to encourage their customers in their hair journey. By maintaining an open outlook they are able to meet the needs of a variety of different individuals.

While the company is motivated to maintain their original intention, they strive to continually innovate and improve on their products. Nadula established their factory in 2001 and over the past 20 years have continually been able to grow the business.

One of the main selling points on all hair from Nadula, specifically these bundles, is the price. Even the longest lengths are affordable on these bundles making this a great choice for anyone in the market for long hair. 

Surprisingly even the density is consistent on these bundles. Usually body waves have a problem with maintaining density throughout. A downside is the fact that the units don’t have the option to customize and the hair grade is pretty low. 

What I Like

  • Price – Even the longest lengths available are reasonably priced.
  • Construction – The hair is double wefted resulting in a durable base.
  • Density – The hair is relatively thick throughout the entire unit.

What I Don’t Like

  • Hair grade – The hair only has a grade of 7A.
  • Lack of customizations – Aside from the length you can’t customize the hair.
  • Texture – The body wave doesn’t hold very well resulting in flat waves.

Factors to look out for when buying sew-in hair


The overall construction of the hair is extremely important when dealing with sew-in hair. Sew-in hair heavily relies on its base during installation meaning this section should be extremely durable. 

Looking for bundles that are double wefted are a great choice when considering the construction. This leads to the base being thicker giving a great foundation especially when sewing the hair. 

Another area to be on the lookout for is avoiding wefts with filler hair. Filler hair affects the density and is hard to sew-in together since the strands are shorter. This means there may be more loose strands throughout the unit.


Sew-in hair is relatively affordable assuming you are going to leave the hair in for quite a few weeks. A full sew-in weave can range from $100 to $300. Anything over $300 is likely not worth it.

At this price you can expect to pay somewhere under $25 dollars a week in order to achieve a desirable look that is likely to last at least 4 weeks minimum.

Many companies offer discount codes that are a great option to take advantage of. Saving money even if it’s only a couple of dollars adds up in the long run. Sometimes spending the extra money on length is worth it with these discounts.


Finding a bundle that has the correct density is extremely important when shopping for sew-in hair. If the density is uneven it will affect the entire look of the hair. The hair will also look significantly thicker at the base with thin ends.

Finding a density that is consistent throughout is easiest with curlier textures. Textures may not be as thick in real life but the extra texture gives the illusion. Curly textures are generally a safe bet if looking for bundles that aren’t thin at the end.

The density can also be a little uneven if the hair is extremely long. The best way to combat this is by purchasing an extra bundle to try and offset the thin ends.

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Virgin hair is generally the best type of hair bundle you can invest in. The hair is of higher quality and will last a significantly longer time than other types of hair. You can find virgin hair in most hair types available such as Malaysian, Brazilian, Indian, and Peruvian.

The number of bundles you need will depend on how thick you want the hair to be. Generally, 3 bundles are enough to complete a full look. If you are purchasing longer hair, you may want to opt for an additional bundle. Longer lengths can often get very thin at the ends and the additional bundle will help thicken the look.

Hair bundles weigh about 4 oz in total but this can vary depending on the overall density. Hair bundles are relatively light and this is usually reflected in the price. You can expect to pay a minimum of $20 for one bundle and the price can cost as much as $100 for a more premium product. It is often cheaper to purchase bundles as part of a set.


A lover of all things beauty related whose been in the industry for about 5 years. While I’d love to say I’m a self-taught prodigy, I’m actually a licensed cosmetologist who has spent countless hours studying hair. I quickly learned sharing valuable information with like-minded individuals allows everyone to make the right choices when dealing with their hair. As a curly girl myself I love to experiment with different styles on a regular basis. While I do have a busy schedule between work, freelancing, and school; I always seem to find time for my hair.

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