Best Hair Colour For Black Women

Bright is the new bold

Whether it’s taking a bath in Purple Rain or getting drenched in a Golden Shower, black women can possibly rock every hair colour there is to name! They also have a plethora of options to choose from. Be it on the afro or on the braids, flirt with hints and highlights, bold chunks or streaks or go full-on global. It’s a gift. No skin tone complements colour better than yours. So behold and be bold. Take a look at some of these latest hair colour ideas suitable for African hair.

1. Pineapple Yellow

hair colour ideas- pineapple hair colour

Be your own sunshine by getting a pineapple yellow mix on your head. This colour may look a bit too loud at first but you will get used to it. Again, it’s one of those exclusive colours that work best with darker skin tones. So, go ahead and make yellow your new black. This hair colour idea will make you look chic!

2. Platinum Blonde

Hair colour ideas- Platinum Blonde

Courtesy: Hairstylecamp

Afro women are anything but boring. So, the regular blonde is out of question. Get a platinum blonde done on your TWA or weave on this new trend. You’ll be sure to grab some eyeballs on the streets! This hair colour idea is a must try!

3. Wine Red

hair colour ideas- Wine Red hair colour

Courtesy: Naturalhairrules

Red hair, don’t care. Afro texture enhances the way the colour red engulfs and empowers it. Go for an ombre or some highlights; red hair won’t ever let you down. Opting for a deep wine tone will give you a slightly more sophisticated and effeminate edge than the bolder or warmer tones of red. This hair colour idea is here to stay!

4. Chocolate Brown

hair colour ideas- Chocolate Brown hair colour

Courtesy: Refinery29

Rich, creamy and delicious…just like chocolate! And that’s exactly what comes to mind when we hear Chocolate Brown. Women who don’t want to experiment much but still want a ray of fun in their tresses should go for this colour. This hair colour idea is the safest option to go for!

5. Candy Pink

hair colour ideas- Candy Pink hair colour

Courtesy: Betrendsettter

Think happy? Think Pink! Plus the season calls for it. This candy floss colour stands out and emerges beautifully with afro textured hair. It’s not for everyone, but black women, without a doubt, have the guts to rock pink curls. These are some of the top hair colour ideas for African hair that will make you look stunning!

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