Benefits Of Jojoba Oil For Afro Hair

All Hail, Jojoba!

Derived from the Jojoba plants in South America, Jojoba oil is essentially a liquid wax extracted from the plant’s seeds. Fascinatingly, afro hair responds positively to it – relaxed or natural, it greets them equally. Here is a smooth slip with benefits of Jojoba oil on afro hair.

1. Promotes Natural Oil Production

An oil that triggers the scalp to produce natural oil? Yes, having the same molecular structure as sebum (natural scalp oil), when massaged on a dry scalp, Jojoba oil regulates sebum production. Sebum, in turn, keeps your hair to be moisturized and free from dryness.

2. Imparts Moisture To Hair

Jojoba oil is an all-rounder. Not only for the scalp but when applied to the hair, the vitamins in it nourish and condition it for good. So, if you eyeing the lustrous curls of the girl next door, grab the Jojoba enriched Dr. Miracle Follicle Healer Energizing System Hydrating oil to flip that hair envy.

3. Conquers Scalp Infection

Hundreds of products and thousands of ingredients! How are we to detox that scalp? Jojoba oil fights the bacterial and fungal infection on the scalp, ultimately leaving your hair and scalp healthy as ever!

4. Treats Acne

It’s not always about hair. Is it? Jojoba oil clears out the clogged pores on the skin, thus, not just reducing acne problems but also preventing its recurrence.

5. Encourages Hair Growth

A real cleanser, massaging Jojoba oil on the scalp removes any product build-up and unblocks the hair cuticles. Expect a better hair growth and reduced thinning of your afro hair after this process.

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