All You Need To Know About The LOC Method

So, you’ve been a good girl and we know you moisturize your curls regularly with an endless list of products. Yet your curls cry for an added moisture boost. Is your hair acting like a needy girlfriend who constantly demands more TLC? While you feel you may be doing everything right, but maybe not enough! Let us introduce all you curlfriends to an amazing LOC method (liquid, oil, and cream), which is great for locking in maximum moisture for days.

Step 1: Liquid For Moisture

The first step is applying liquid to prep and moisturize your hair. We recommend spritzing your cleansed hair with water or a water based leave-in conditioner (water is the key). It is best to part your hair into 4-8 sections and apply the liquid to each section, then comb each part for equal distribution. Learn how to moisturize natural braids.

Step 2: Oil For Binding

After adding water, begin loc-ing the moisture in with oil. While you might doubt the chemistry of mixing oil and water, we assure you it’s a good practice. Oil increases the hair’s ability to hold onto water molecules. Using products with coconut oil, jojoba oil, olive oil or avocado oil penetrate your strands and bind your internal hair structure. Having personally tried the African Pride Olive Miracle Anti-Breakage Formula Leave-In Conditioner we’ve come to love it and we could definitely use it by the bucketful! Every step of the Loc method is equally important and effective.

Step 3: Cream For Sealing It All

So, you added water for moisture and oil for binding but what good will this all be if you don’t seal it all in well. In the absence of a good sealant, you will lose all this moisture that you worked so hard to get in the first place. We suggest you wrap up the regimen by sealing in all the moisture with a good cream or butter. A great quality cream will also give your curls more definition and hold. So who’s in for this? Look for products with Shea butter or mango like African Pride Shea Miracle Moisture Intense Bouncy Curls Pudding that will work like magic for your hair.

We’re sure you are all set to rock the LOC routine. Need more care tips? Check out this Nightime Routine For African Hair.Read Full Article

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