5 Steps To Get The Perfect Flexi Rod Set

You know flexi rods. The bendy things made of foam and that come in a ton of colours? Yeah. Those things. They’re used to create curls. A good flexi rod set requires a truck load of patience and the following tips.

1. Work In Small Sections

As your hair fairy godmother, I urge you to work in small, thin sections. Don’t take one huge chunk of hair and wrap a flexi rod around it. Speaking from experience here! Smaller sections ensure neatness. This is why you should ensure you have enough flexi rods to fit the whole hair.

2. Just Enough Product

Don’t put too much product before putting rods. Take about a pea sized dollop of product and apply it to your hair. Putting too much product, especially oil, will lead to a failed flexi rod set. We don’t want failed flexi rod sets, now do we?

3. Choose The Best Size For Your Length

Size matters when it comes to flexi rods. Short hair warrants smaller flexi rods, which will give the best results. Larger flexi rods are good for long hair. However, those with long hair can pull off almost any size of flexi rods.

4. Dry But Not Too Dry

On washing and deep conditioning, ensure hair is 90% dry with some moisture left in it. But make sure it is completely dry before unravelling. Removing the flexi rods when hair is not completely dry, will result in a backfired style and a stressful day ahead. If you own a dryer, get under the dryer for an hour.

5. Ensure To Wrap Your Hair Around The Rod In One Direction

Flexi rods require you to wrap the hair in one direction. Either clockwise or anti-clockwise. Make sure to stick to one direction for an overall neat look.

Which other tips do you have for achieving the perfect flexi rod set? Sound off below!

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