5 Beautiful Black Braided Hairstyles

Best Braided Hairstyles!

Funky braids are the talk of the town. They’re so versatile – make a ponytail, tie a bun, add colour to it or just set ‘em free, they are bound to get you a whole load of appreciation! However, it can get a bit difficult with a pool of choices out there on the internet. So, we’ve shortlisted 5 beautiful braided hairstyles to ease your hunt.

1. Braided High Ponytail

braided ponytail hairstyles
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Get high on this braided ponytail. Form 5-6 cornrows of similar or varying thickness and gather them in the form of a ponytail. Swing that ponytail long by braiding in Darling Super Star Hair Extensions. This black braided hairstyle keeps your hair off your neck when you’re exercising, running or just going about your business.

2. Patterned Cornrow Braids

patterned cornrow braids
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Let your head be the art piece you carry around. Although this braid style may require a skilled stylist on your squad. Get creative with intricate and unique patterned cornrow braids on your head and rule the roost!

3. Freely Hanging Braids

freely hanging braids

Running late for a meeting? Tired of trying out new hairstyles? Simply leave ’em hanging…your braids, we mean! Elegantly done braids are most beautiful when left on their own. Sweep them back for a cleaner and sophisticated look. Follow these steps to maintain your braids. This braided hairstyle is here to stay!

4. Braided Crown Bun

braided crown bun
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Your hair is like a priceless piece of jewellery. Style it like a crown. Start braiding from the end of your ear and continue in the direction of your hairline. Do the same on the other side crossing both braids around at the front. Secure the braid and wrap it around like a crown. To accomplish a richer and heavier crown add the Darling One Million Braids Hair Extensions Black midway, whilst braiding.

5. Highlighted Braids

highlighted braided hairstyles
Courtesy: Pinterest

Add a trending and tasteful streak of colour to your already gorgeous braids. Women who think that fully coloured tresses are way too loud, can opt for highlights or ombre braids instead. Choose between Pink, Dark Mahogany or Blue hair and weave it into one of your strands while braiding. Adding just the right amount of fun to your braids.

These are some of the top braided hairstyles that you should definitely try. Simple to style and manage, these braid styles will make you look chic!

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