4 Styles You Can Create Using Abuja Braids

Be more with Abuja

Deriving its name from the capital city of Nigeria, Abuja is a popular style of braid hair extension. Abuja’s quality and texture are very close to that of African hair and that’s why they are widely used. Here are some quirky hairstyles you can create using Abuja braids.

1. Moody Bun

abuja braids - bun style

Speak with your bun. If you’re feeling happy and excited make a high bun. Sensing the ladylike vibes? Go for a low bun! Fix those bobby pins in your Abuja braids and fulfill all your creative desires. Check out these cute updo hairstyles for black women 

2. Kitty Buns

abuja braids - kitty buns

Be catty in appearance but not in person. These buns will bring out the playful little girl inside you. Make two sections of your braided hair and create two side buns at either end of your crown.

3. Empress Crown

abuja braids - empress crown
Courtesy: gracemuriuki instagram

It is as simple as leaving your hair free. You only have to make a prominent pattern of cornrows to make a lasting impression. Sweep the abuja braids at the back of your shoulder for a cleaner and sophisticated look.

4. Extended Glory

abuja braids
Courtesy: Darlingkenya instagram

Your braids are never long enough! Girls who channel this vibe should go for extra-long Abuja braids. The longer the braids, more radiant is your glory.

Abuja Braids can also be used for creating micro braids. For the know it all streak in you, check these Totally Chic Micro Braids Hairstyles You Need To Try.

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