Muthoni Drummer Queen: The Hair Chameleon

Illuminating, thought-provoking, fiercely ambitious…All words that can be used to aptly describe Muthoni Drummer Queen. Or MDQ to her bevy of fans. The Kenyan lyricist does not confine her craft to Kenya alone. She has also travelled to Europe for shows. Her other accolades include recently being featured in Vogue as one of the interviewees … Read more

6 Easy Steps To Bantu Knots

Bantu Knots also known as Zulu knots originated and were popularized by the Zulu people, a Bantu ethnic tribe of Africa. Though originally a style exclusive to this ethnic group, it didn’t take too long before globalization got to it. The Bantu knots hairstyle features lovely small, coiled buns sprinkled throughout the hair and believe … Read more

4 Most Daring Hairstyles Of Rihanna

Bold Rihanna hairstyles for some #hairinspo She’s fierce, gorgeous and iconically stylish! Bad Girl Ri Ri gives us major hair goals with all the daring hairstyles she has sported over the years. From fiery reds to blonde highlights, she’s experimented with it all! Come reflect into the hair-age of Rihanna. Check out the 4 most … Read more

Lala Akindoju Tells Black Hair Hub The Real Reason She Went Natural

Courtesy: @lalaakindoju Going natural is a usually a pretty drastic decision and for a lot of folks, it can be quite torturous. A common complaint is how lengthy the transition can be andthe inevitable continuous maintenance; thespian and AMVCA Trailblazer Lala Akindoju was well aware of all this but she went ahead and did it anyway. Although she readily … Read more

Hair Colour Trends To Follow

This season, make your hair your canvas  Are you bored of wearing your hair in your natural colour? Or you simply want to experiment with a bolder shade? What are you waiting for! A new season calls for a new hairdo! So, while you’re at it, might as well make it pop with some colour! … Read more

Stunning Loc Hairstyles You Need To Try

Just play with ’em! Locs are unconquerable. They are exceptional because of the time and energy invested to make them grow into a visual delight. But there is more to locs that meets the eye. We have shortlisted some quick and easy loc hairstyles for you to have fun with! 1. Curly Burly Locs Courtesy: … Read more

Lala Akindoju: Up Close and Personal with Black Hair Hub

Courtesy: @lalaakindoju pictured with Lamide Akintobi BNS: Has fame changed you at all?Lala Akindoju: Naahh. I doubt it.  And I’m very conscious of not losing myself to fame.  Even though fame comes with paying more attention to certain things. BNS: Things like?Lala Akindoju: Things like being camera ready, getting the right angles on the red carpet, especially with clothes. I … Read more

5 Chic Hairstyles To Wear This Valentine’s

Love is in the hair! I mean…In the air. Cupid’s started going around with his love bow and arrow, bringing together loved ones for the better part of February. The weatherman predicts alluring curls, long cascading hair and red lips this Valentine’s! Whether spending the night/day or out, here are some ideas for your special … Read more