Different Types Of Faux Locs To Try

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5 Beautiful Black Braided Hairstyles

Best Braided Hairstyles! Funky braids are the talk of the town. They’re so versatile – make a ponytail, tie a bun, add colour to it or just set ‘em free, they are bound to get you a whole load of appreciation! However, it can get a bit difficult with a pool of choices out there … Read more

Popular African Hairstyles and Haircuts

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Exclusive: Craving Yellow with Tabitha Tongoi

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4 Styles You Can Create Using Abuja Braids

Be more with Abuja Deriving its name from the capital city of Nigeria, Abuja is a popular style of braid hair extension. Abuja’s quality and texture are very close to that of African hair and that’s why they are widely used. Here are some quirky hairstyles you can create using Abuja braids. 1. Moody Bun … Read more