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Many people often hear of hair extensions and the word remy is the first thing that comes to mind. There are so many ways to achieve your desired look, but it’s easy to become distracted by unknown vocabulary.

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How to Take Care of 4a Hair

Knowing how to properly care for your hair type can really help your hair reach its healthiest, best-looking potential. It can also help avoid damage and stunted hair growth. There are several ways to care for 4a hair specifically, and if applied to your consistent hair routine, will bring major beneficial results.  What is 4a

Do Wigs Cause Hair Loss?

Wearing a wig seems very simple – you just put it on your head. However, there are some ways that wearing a wig can cause hair loss if you are not careful.  Do Wigs Cause Hair Loss? Although wigs do not inherently cause hair loss, they can contribute to hair loss if not worn correctly.

What is a Protective Style?

Whether the goal is to keep the hair to stay put or to grow it out, a protective style can achieve many things in healthy ways.  It is a must, especially in the afro hair community, when it comes to locking in hair nutrients. There are a wide variety of protective styles, and many options


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Real products bought by real customers. Our reviews cover all you need to know when dealing with hair shops and the products they sell. You’re sure to find out the inside scoop in our hair reviews.

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Can You Sew-In a Lace Front Wig
Can you sew in your lace wig? The answer is yes! This article will tell you everything you need to know about sewing in your lace wig. Can you
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Synthetic vs. Human Hair
There are many hair options to choose from, but they all come down to 2 main categories – synthetic and human hair. This article will give you
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Removing Hair Extensions
If you’ve had hair extensions. you probably know how expensive they can be. You would likely want to get the most wear out of them and removing
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How to Hide Extensions in Very Short Hair
Extensions are an amazing tool that allows you to switch up a variety of different areas related to your hair. You can add length, volume, or
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What Are Weft Hair Extensions
Extensions are a popular hair piece for many. Whether you’re a celebrity or have an office job, extensions are a great option that can be
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